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Suisun City, CA, United States
The Wednesday Club was established in 1911 by women of the Suisun vacinity for fellowship, socializing, and dedicated to bettering their community. Today the Wednesday Club is a non-profit women's organization that contributes to the needs of the community and provides scholarships to students seeking college educations and for those seeking a career in nursing.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Announcing North Bay's Most Affordable Wedding Venue

Looking for a wedding venue in the Bay Area? Here is one of the most affordable Bay Area wedding venues around wine country. This wedding venue is located in the historic Suisun City. Whether you are from Napa, Fairfield, Vallejo or Vacaville, this is the perfect wedding site for your special occasion. 

In addition to weddings and receptions, The Wednesday Club is also perfect for celebrating QuinceaƱeras, bridal and baby showers, family and high school reunions, anniversaries, retirement celebrations, company parties and seminars, church events, and more

We offer one of the lowest rates in the area....and you get full use of the facility for your special day. In fact, we provide all table and chairs at no additional cost. We offer a full caterer friendly kitchen. No running you out just when the party gets started. Contact us at

We offer a beautiful and stunning wedding space. This includes:
  • Picturesque patio garden for outdoor wedding
  • Bride's dressing room
  • Buffett area that features a floor to ceiling rock fireplace
  • Dance Floor and Stage for DJ or band
  • Large screen for projections, slideshows, business presentations, etc. 
Full Day (9AM-Midnight): $1,200
Hourly: $125 per hour with 4 hour minimum
Deposit of $500 required

OTHER ADVANTAGES: There are other great reasons to choose the Wednesday Club for no additional cost, including:
  • Use of 13 Round tables that seat eight each
  • 15 six foot tables that seat eight each
  • Buffett tables
  • 155 chairs

150 persons

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